Presidents Message


Hi guys,

The last few days has seen increasing uncertainty and a turn of events unlike anything we’ve encountered. We are being guided by the league and ultimately the AFL as a governing body.

As it stands the 2020 season will start on May 2nd, with the start date to be reviewed on April 14th.

In regard to training the leaders will be in touch on a plan going forward although, we are lead by the EFNL and ultimately the gov health organisations.

Our main priority at this time is the health of our players, coaches, support staff and supporters.

The club understands this is a difficult period as we were all looking forward to the opportunity in front of us in 2020 and we still fully intend to challenge for silverware in Premier division.

While there is still uncertainty, we ask that all players take care of themselves and families. It is important to stay active & stay in touch with one and other.

We as a club need to stay fluid and ready for whatever changes occur over the next few months and remain prepared once we get the opportunity to start our life in premier division.

Stay hungry, stay connected and if anyone has any issues or questions the club is here to support you.

Kind Regards

Pete Sowersby
DEFC President

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